Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Estrace Stress

I absolutely cannot stand another day on Estrace! It's already been over 3 weeks & I've been feeling low low low.  Yes, I'm back on this IVF ride!  Tonight I finally introduce Prometrium & hopefully I'll finally start my period next week.  Have to contact the doctor to confirm a 10 mg per day dosage -- which sounds like hell but if I must, I must.  Never thought I'd be looking so forward to my cycle starting but anything's better than the mood I'm in right now.  I've been sluggish, unproductive & have noticeably put on a few pounds because I've turned into quite the eater.  What we'll do in the name of a thick uterine lining!  Good times!

I didn't think I'd return to this blog but I've been inspired by so many other women who have been journeying through infertility or single motherhood by choice (many of whom have succeeded in having healthy babies!) that I'm seeking the refuge of this journal as I try again.

Fortunately these distractions have taken my mind off my estrogen:
- Slow Jam the News: President Obama on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon
- Finding inspiration in nail polish on The Polish Medic's blog

And wishing fellow SMC Candlelight & Pacifiers luck at CCRM!

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  1. thank you :-) for the good wishes. Sending them back your way too!