Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Next Caller

First OB appointment today... except the OB I chose didn't exactly set my world on fire. She kept me waiting over 20 minutes in her exam room, which isn't a good sign if I'm looking for an OB that's sensitive to a working woman's schedule the way my RE was. She also said something that stuck in my mind like a splinter: "if we make it to the third trimester..." Ain't nobody trying to hear that! I also expected to have an ultrasound -- she could see for herself what's up & I could be assured that she's trying to stay on top of things. I learned that you don't always get an ultrasound at the first appointment, but I wanted it anyway. I also got more information about future OB scheduling from the receptionist than the doctor.

Right then I said to myself, I gotta find another OB. Next caller! I have my next monthly appointment with another doctor in the practice so I'll see about her. The receptionist said she's one of the faves in the practice so at least there's that to go on.

OB woman did say that she'd likely deliver via c-section at 37 weeks. She said it like she was sharing bad news but I already knew about needing a c-section given both my fibroid surgeries & told her so.

My RE completely spoiled me for anybody else! I was so heavily monitored & it's has finally sunk in that I'm not going to get that level of attention from an OB.

I did request a more involved NT scan, which she did arrange for later this afternoon with a separate office. It was awesome! Talked with an awesome grandfatherly genetics doctor that walked me through what I was seeing & how both babies were measuring normally. Thanks be to God. Grandpop was so much more reassuring than ol' girl that I wished he could be my OB.

I'm measuring 12w2d :-) Keep it up, babies!! Guess I enter my 2nd trimester gestation-wise on August 10th but developmentally (according to this awesome IVF due dating site) I entered it yesterday. I'll just feel so much better in 9 days! Felt so happy after the scan. I'm still cautious with my emotions but always working to keep the faith too. Taking each day as it comes.

I was also asked to be in two research studies today so bring on the minimal compensation & extra ultrasounds! Ooh, don't I wish I had a lot more $$ saved. That's for another post!

Gotta walk the animals before the Olympics swim finals... I am so caught up in these games! Three cheers for London -- aside from the trapped-in-a-puppet-nightmare opening ceremony London has done a smash-up job. Damnit, I cried when the female cyclist from the Netherlands won her race in dramatic style! Go USA but especially as a child of immigrants I have so much admiration for so many of these athletes from across the world. Just wish Russia would've had Sean John or somebody else design their team jackets, they're horrid  --

I'm so incredibly happy for Sunflower!!

Beans, come October you're next!!

To all other IF/SMBC friends, there's so much magic in believing... you stay in my prayers & meditations so I already know that it's just a matter of time :-)


  1. Thanks for the shout out, Gigi :-)

    I agree with your plan of trying another OB at the practice. Hopefully that person will be more open to providing you with the information you need. It is a trust relationship so you need to feel good about it. And yay to the studies and extra U/S and entering the second trimester. Glad its all going well.

    I think you have provided the best description of the Olympics Opening Ceremony "trapped in a puppet nightmare" - hilarious and so true - LOL

  2. I'm glad you are trying a new OB & I'm really glad that you stood up for yourself and the babies. :-)

  3. I'm sure I've never had a doctor that has been mindful of my time. Embryo transfer 4 hours at the office. If I lived in the city I would still have to take the day off to see him. Your RE sounds amazing.

  4. Sorry about your OB experience. Hope you find someone you love. But either way, I'm pretty sure it'll be a step down from the constant monitoring of an RE. Which is good in a way. In OB, we're mostly assuming it's normal. In the RE world, they are waiting for something to go or be wrong. We also don't usually u/s our twins that often, but do send them for monthly growth scans with the high risk doc, so that may be what happens with your practice.
    And I sure hope I'm next :-). Want to follow in your footsteps....almost same protocol and all...we'll see ;-)

  5. Thinking of you today, I hope all is well!!!

  6. Oooh congrats on the twins!! :-D Was just wondering how everything is going, hope all is well and look forward to reading another update soon! ;-)

  7. Hey there, you haven't posted in a while. I wanted you to know I'm thinking of you :-)