Friday, July 27, 2012


Normal scan, thank God! And I finally heard their heartbeats for the first time, absolutely incredible. Let out a laugh that came from my soul. And they were bouncing around in their little sacs. Too amazing. Also found out that there are 2 placentas for each sac.

Beans, it didn't cross my mind that it'd be more of a challenge to see them! It helped greatly that they were in good positions and the tech was able to take measurements more easily. Gotta wait 1-2 weeks for blood test results.

Thought I turned a corner with the fatigue, but no! And I have had a nonstop headache for going on 2 days! I'm so tired but it's not easy to sleep with my head carrying on. I know I can take Tylenol but I don't wanna take any drugs minus the PIO.

Yawn with a nice stretch. Off to bed, hopefully :-)


  1. Yay - wonderful. Get some rest!

  2. Glad everything looks good. I had fatigue and headaches right up until about 15 weeks and then I felt better. Up until that point I figured anyone who ever said they loved begin pregnant had to be lying. But after 15 weeks I realized that it isn't so bad and I did enjoy it.

  3. That's good news. Hey, are you starting to show yet?