Friday, June 28, 2013

Thank You, God!!

I look into the twins' eyes & still am in shock that these darlings came out of me, that God blessed me with them, that they're all mine. Thank you, God!!  That's it, that's all I wanted to say!!

It's been a challenge to find time to blog, but I'm working on it!!

Just a couple of weeks, Beans!! Girl, we were shooting up, 2ww-ing it, stressing... & now you're almost there & the baby's almost here, yes :)

I hope all's well with everyone. And please send positive thoughts to MMMReader. Had a challenging transfer, praying for happy news in a couple of weeks!!

(all these exclamation points, must be summer!!)


  1. Gigi...great to hear from you! Been wondering how you and the boys were doing, and so glad to know all is well. What's is it like raising twins as an SMC? Do blog and tell us all about it!

    1. thanks for the push, sunflower... done!!

  2. hey girl!! i've been wanting to blog but these first five months have been more than a notion!! so i'm attempting to re-commit, gotta tell the tales... but it's been absolutely wonderful, thanks so much :)

  3. Thank you for the good wishes, and for starting to blog again! I've been thinking about you and hope you and your two cuties are doing well. Yes, I'll be joining you soon in the lovely journey...