Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sleep When They Sleep...

My *ss!! My eyes are burning, they're so tired... I just awoke from a 30-minute nap because they finally decided to take a nap. Decided to write real quick because I gotta get better documenting some of the adjustments I'm having to make.

They're so darling, these little boys. When one gets tired he usually lets out a yell & a few whimpers so I put him in his crib & he's good to go. Usually. Poor kid seems gassy -- tried to give him a bottle but he refused it. Screamed like he was getting paid to do it.

The other one...

That kid's a fighter!! He'll laugh, cry, writhe, want to play, everything but want to nap. Then when it seems like he can't maintain the resistance he surrenders. Grasps his pacifier, laughs some, & eyes close for his nap.

We ran errands today so that threw them off & it doesn't help that I've been struggling to maintain some kind of schedule.

It also doesn't help that I'm checking to make sure they're breathing constantly. That & trying to do laundry, washing a ka-jillion bottles, bathing myself every other day, maybe getting in a meal, etc. And I've been watching the Zimmerman trial, have to witness for myself.

By the way, I have the summer off in case you were wondering: Wow, she's a stay at home single mom? Is she living off a trust? Don't I wish!! Got pets to care for too so a girlfriend's plate is full.

Being an SMBC with twins ain't no joke -- there's NO ONE around now to help with baths, feedings, playing. And I just can't believe how well I'm doing, if I may say. It's definitely a struggle & I do feel guilty that the things I planned to do -- read to them every night is the main one -- I'm just way toooooooooo tired to do every night. And I planned to ban the TV... but hell no!! I use that baby cable channel to help me take a break or get stuff done. I would be completely bananas without it --

I just re-read this post & it's lacking a little coherence. Can't fix it because I'm too tired. And I'm not gonna take another nap because I'm actually too tired to sleep... & somebody's gonna get up soon!!


  1. hang in there, you're a great momma and doing a wonderful job!

  2. I am in awe!! I cannot even imagine having two, given even with one I can barely get time to use the bathroom! You are doing a fantastic job, Gigi.