Monday, September 5, 2011


(All these IF acronyms and codes: 5 days past 3 day transfer) I'm trying to stay off the internet because I'm hoping for the most peaceful, least stressful 2ww as possible. Praise God, 2 embryos were fertilized and were implanted in a 3-day transfer, which was a trip in and of itself. Seeing their picture, a miracle.

I had to have a full bladder for the transfer and arrived to the clinic with it super-full. First off, I was made to wait about 20 minutes before the transfer. There was no way I could hold it and had to pee right before the transfer. I was told not to totally empty my bladder, which I didn't, but it swiftly filled back up again. Still had to wait another 10 minutes -- finally brought back and prepared for transfer. The procedure began and as much as I tried to keep my eyes on the ultrasound monitor the more I looked at my full bladder the more I had to pee. I managed to chill while my embryos were implanted, couldn't stop smiling but that lasted only a moment. Knowing I had to lay there for 20 additional minutes I asked for a bedpan or catheter but was told they don't provide that to patients. WTH?!! That was the dumbest, least considerate move this clinic has made yet. Everyone walked out and I lay there trying to keep it together... but I couldn't hold it in another moment. Yes, I peed all over that table. The nurses were so sweet about it and said I wouldn't be the last to piss up their space. (If they had bedpans or catheters, they would likely have 0 incidents of table pissing.)

But that was it! And that was 5 days ago. I stayed home that day and the next day and went into work twice. I tend not to believe in needing bed rest after transfer but I work in a stressful environment so it was nice to relax and stay in the bliss. I'm trying to stay offline as much as possible because I have been tempted to look up every twinge and sensation and see if that's a symptom of a looming BFP. No symptoms = BFP or BFN, cramping & pulling = BFP or BFN, spotting = BFP or BFN. Only way I'll really know is by the end of this week.

I'm a firm believer in 'don't worry about about anything, pray about everything' so I've been steady praying. And the internet is the worst thing to have access to at a time like this! Thank God for On Demand and DVRs... I'm all caught up on Intervention, Deadly Women, Hoarders, Bait Car, have a month's worth of Judge Judy to plow through.  Signing off!  Best wishes, madame 2ww'ers!


  1. I agree- Dr. Google is evil! Are you going to test at home?

  2. LOL! Well, I go in on Friday for the blood draw -- at first I thought I could just wait til then. Now I'm more in favor of testing at home on Thursday & again on Friday morning before heading to the doctor's. Just want to be prepared :-)

  3. I disappear under a heavy workload, then come back and you're 5dpt! I can't believe I missed so much, and I never meant to. :o(

    BUT - it 's THE AWESOME that you peed on the table. Well, maybe not awesome that you were put in that position, but awesome that you have no qualms about telling the world about it and viewing at as revenge. :)

    I have everything crossed doubly for you. And if you pee early (at home on a test, not on the table again), then you'd better update asap!