Sunday, August 28, 2011

Praying for Wednesday

Wow, I meant to update this on Friday but how distracting these last few days 'til today have been! I took the trigger shot on Friday night at the exact time I was supposed to take it. Later that evening my breasts were tender but I think that was the extent of the side effects. Started doxycycline (antibiotic) prior to egg retrieval which was today.

And they got a whopping (weak drum roll please) 3 EGGS! Seems that I had more follicles than eggs, totally surprised me. I honestly thought they'd get as many eggs as I had follicles. And I won't know until tomorrow whether these eggs were able to be fertilized. I'm scheduled for a Day 4 transfer, which my quick Google research says is as good as a Day 5 transfer. I start Endometrin tonight and I also start taking Estrace. I am salty though that my doctor didn't come talk to me after the retrieval. Every other procedure I have had my doctors have always come to me and provided information so I could be reassured and informed. It was the nurse instead who relayed the 3-egg status.

In Jesus name I pray that my 3 little eggs are mature and get fertilized and become healthy morulas that are transferred on Wednesday and develop into healthy babies that I will birth and raise and love.

This post-anesthesia nausea I'm dealing is no joke! I'm going to lay it down and take it easy, leaving all this in God's hands.


  1. Good luck with the fertilization/transfer! Fingers crossed for you!

  2. Sorry for this tardy thank you but thank you! I got a BFN this time around but appreciate you reaching out :-)