Saturday, July 6, 2013

Do They Know Me?

Just came from picking up twins from a friend's house. She was holding one of them, & when I came into the room & saw him he just looked at me. Then she said that, wow, she thought he would have leapt into my arms. That hurt! Did I mention that she's a mom to a 1 & 3 year old who might know what to say & what not to say to new moms?

He hadn't napped all morning so when I saw him & he had no reaction that's all that came to mind. Until she said what she said. When I loaded everyone into the car I got online & started googling: when do babies know their mother?

They always know them, their scent, their voice. I get that. And there are many times when their faces light up and they start to coo & laugh when I pick them up or we make eye contact. Now I'm starting to analyze things & I'm not in the mood for it.

An online article said that at about 6 months they for sure know who their mothers are. Mine are 5.5 so maybe in another couple of weeks?! Or maybe this was an anomaly & I shouldn't fret. But now I am.


  1. Don't you think you might be being a little overly sensitive to a passing comment? Goodness, people have said things like that to me with my baby - so many people just say all kinds of things without meaning anything at all. (I suspect that the woman may have just been pleased that your boy seemed to be enjoying her company - perhaps she was afraid he would be screaming for you the whole time). It might have been a thoughtless comment, but it's a good skill, I think, for a mother to start developing a somewhat thicker skin, in order to teach your children not to fall to pieces at things people say, and to be able to roll with the ups and downs...particularly if no malice was intended. Children pick up on their parents' anxiety and reactions so quickly. You might have just laughed at her comment and said, "oh yes, he loves everyone! It looks like you did a great job keeping him happy!"
    I'm sure you are just feeling added stress from the days of new motherhood, and I wish you all the best for the coming years of joy ahead :)

  2. Just to add, OF COURSE your children know you and love you!!! You shouldn't doubt it for a minute!
    -Louise M.

  3. People say some really idiotic things without realizing it. She may have meant it as a reflection of how happy he was in her care, but silly comment nonetheless. I am positive they know who you are :-)

  4. Thanks friends :) I know I'm being oversensitive & I don't know if it's because I'm still hormonal / still nursing & it didn't help that I was coming from a funeral. I tear up when people win on 'Let's Make a Deal' for goodness sakes, makes absolutely no sense!