Sunday, July 7, 2013

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin'

One of the twins is rolling!! Dude's on his stomach in his crib one minute, then on his back the next -- he's got the crib roll down, & when I go in to pick him up it takes him a few seconds to find my eyes, then the sweetest smile. The other one's too busy laughing to himself in his crib, but he was the first to master the airplane pose. Now they both do it!! When they're in the pose they're grunting, working hard at strengthening their baby abs.

They're also sitting up!! One has more of a forward lean than the other but with each day they can sit up for longer stretches of time. Today they're up to 3 minutes each. And don't let something have their attention while they're working out -- one sticks out his tongue, the other his bottom lip, both eyes fixed with intensity on whatever toy or teething object's within reach.

And they love sweet potatoes!! They still only get mostly breast milk, but I'm working on incorporating some baby food. They've only had some spoonfuls over the last few weeks. The biggest hurdle was getting them used to eating from a spoon with rice cereal. The pediatrician said not to put cereal in their bottles but feed from a spoon instead, but they kept pushing the spoon out of their mouths with their tiny tongues.

So little by little they've been eating from a spoon. Most of the baby food winds up on their faces or their bib, how adorable. But what's hilarious is when they each grab my hand that's holding the spoon & bring it to their mouths. It's awesome to see them enjoy food & want more. So far they like the taste of bananas as well as sweet potatoes. They'll tolerate prunes & can't stand peas. (The peas do taste nasty.)

These brothers are wearing me out!! We spend a lot of time on the floor between naps -- going back & forth between them to ensure I give them equal sit up practice, for example, is more than a notion. It's a constant juggle floor-working with them both that sometimes I have to rest my eyes for at least 10 seconds before moving on to the next activity.

Exersaucer til bored & cranky- floor for sitting, airplane/tummy work, rolling, chilling til bored & cranky - back to activity center til cranky & tired - nap. And the cycle continues. And I am SO GLAD when it's nap time!! Thank you, Jesus!! Then I start to miss them & can't wait for them to wake up. It's madness.

I think I'm training them when, in fact, they're training me. And I'm loving it.

And did I mention that my hair's been falling out? What the hell --

Hairline's looking sparse, scalp's way too visible. Didn't hear about that post-partum action... & my joints are all creaky as they readjust, who knew? I also have mommy thumb on both hands, ain't never even heard about that until I googled 'thumb pain' & the auto fill added 'mommy thumb'. Ain't that a blip --


  1. Wow - amazing milestones!! Sitting up is so exciting. I so hear you on missing them when they are is sheer madness - lol!

    Oh and abut hair loss, I have heard it falls a lot after giving birth. I had it happen years ago after stopping BCP. I expected it to happen right after, but has not, although from what you are saying maybe its a few months later :-(

    Bought Mustela shampoo today (thanks for the tip) and used on Beanie - wow it smells divine. Hope it clears up the awful cradle cap!

  2. yes, please prepare for it & i hope it isn't as bad for you -- i can feel every breeze on my airy scalp

    girl, isn't that mustela the nicest?! a little bit goes a long way & i'm sure it'll help with all those flakes!

  3. Happy New Year, Gigi! I think about you and the boys often - do post if you get the chance. Hope all is going superbly. Would love to hear what you all have been up to.