Tuesday, June 24, 2014

First Meetup

In an effort to have a full summer I found a few Meetups & had my first one today... it was really nice to meet other moms who essentially wanna get out of the house to socialize. Just met to get a coffee & go on a walk, & it was great. We ended up at the library & let the kids stretch their little baby legs out. The twins really enjoyed their young company, & the other moms were nice & friendly. Gonna go to another one tomorrow, library story time for ages 0-2 with the same Meetup.

The boys are napping & when they get up we're gonna go to the police department to get our new convertible car seats installed (they finally outgrew their Chiccos!! I installed them but these new ones are a monster, don't even wanna figure it out so why try). Then we're gonna hit the park to munch on mulch and sand before calling it a day -- another full day & it was really nice to begin it with nice company.

But I hope to finish the Italy-Uruguay match before we leave... loving the World Cup!! Can't believe I caught futbol fever -- Go USA!!

** UPDATE **
The boys love their car seats but the nylon upholstery looks like it could get a little hot; gotta put a towel under their baby behinds. Old car seats had so many big 'ol crumbs it looked like he was feeding the birds when he took the seats out & shook them clean before handing them to me... And the officer was sooooooooooooo incredibly nice -- & the stories he was sharing about parents getting second-hand carseats, learning from him that they were recalled for one thing or another, and STILL expecting him to install them... what's wrong with people??


  1. Ah......I plan to do the convertible seat mid-July when I have some time off. I go to the fire station. B's is getting a bit snug in her height wise even though she still had about 5lbs to hit the weight limit. Those convertible are huge!! I plan to put it rear facing until she is 2yrs old, and not sure how it will even fit in my car! The meetup sounds great. Thanks for reminding me...I planned to join up in summer too. Are the boys in daycare?

  2. Mine are convertibles too & weigh 25 lbs each!! And the boys are the same, weight-wise they could've stayed in the Chiccos but they definitely needed to stretch out. I was actually surprised they fit in the car too but the officer knew exactly what he was doing, thank God because I didn't... & I'm home all day for the summer since I have the summer off; no day care, & even if I wanted to (which I did on a part-time basis so they could hang with their toddler kind) I checked the books & certainly don't have $138 a day for someone to care for the twins while I get a pedicure & run errands -- so constant meetups are absolutely the best, free option :) :)