Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Meetup FAIL; Home Training

I can only imagine how we must have looked: Went to a story time Meetup at our small library branch, & these little boys were grabbing DVDs off shelves, climbing into chairs AND jumping up & down on them, going into other people's bags & taking stuff out; wanting to use the computer that had some kind of ABC Mouse software going crazy -- all at different times in different directions, each of them, within an hour's time. They had a ball!! Even with the madness I get a tickle out of watching them have fun. They're napping now but I can't even take a doze because I had a macchiato with an extra shot.

The storyteller was magnificent, so engaging & I enjoyed her myself. And for the 20 seconds I could keep the boys engaged they were completely into her. But from now on I'm gonna have to scope spaces out to make sure there's enough room & not too many distractions. This library was simply too small & there were way too many kids to even allow the twins room to be distracted. Heading to another library next week with a story time kiddie space that's two times larger, no computers in sight & a large play area for the kids who'd rather play & be themselves.

Many of the moms & nannies were really nice, but there were more than a couple who had a bizarre sense of entitlement. I managed for a moment to hold both boys in my arms while the storyteller's doing her thing. This random mom holding what I'm assuming was a 7-month old walks over with a chair & expects me to move so she can sit down & take the view I already had. While she's saying "excuse me" she doesn't even stop to see if I'll move. Her bizarre privilege obviously superseded mine, & her baby's view was clearly more important to my boys' view. And I wouldn't have moved but I was so taken aback I automatically did.

This wasn't the first time where some snotty woman decides to bogart, & it's usually always a woman too -- cutting in front of me when I'm heading to the door with my heavy craigslist double stroller without even holding it open for me; taking something off a store shelf when I'm about to pick it up; when I open the store fridge door to get a gallon of milk somehow an arm reaches out in front of me to grab a milk without so much as a "thank you" or "excuse me".  No damn home training. What's wrong with people??

I cannot stand rude people. I cannot stand rude people who are rude in front of their own kids who'll likely grow up to be rude themselves. I find my yoga & just let it go because I'm not trying to be a bad example of allowing other people's rudeness to get to me & embarrass myself & my own toddler tribe.  I might say a chilly "you're welcome" but that's the extent of it. Because what I really wanna say is "you b*tch".

Even with the twin madness we were nonstop with the excuse me'sthank you's, & I'm sorry's. These boys of mine whirl about like mini-human tornadoes but I'll be damned if they don't demonstrate good manners every time.

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