Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Next Up: NT Scan

Ooh, it's nice to have a moment where my eyes don't feel like weights. I'm feeling rather awake today & think I've turned a corner (as I thought a few days ago before taking a 3-hour nap at 11 o'clock in the morning). Went for an ultrasound yesterday & both babies have almost caught up to each other -- 11 weeks & 11w2d with strong heartbeats, praise Jesus!

I go in for a nuchal translucency (NT) scan on Friday. It's incredible all the early milestones we have to 'pass' with IVF:
- Day 3 for FSH/AMH blood test
- Day 1 of cycle
- Begin Estrace or some other pill
- Pre-ultrasound before stimming
- Pay for stim drugs
- Ultrasounds every other day or so
- May have to adjust stims
- Exact timing of HCG shot or else
- Clearance for egg retrieval
- Hope for eggs at egg retrieval
- Wait to hear if they fertilized with fertilization report
- Go back for embryo transfer
- Wait 2 extra-long weeks for results
- Go back weekly for ultrasounds when you get the BFP
- Continue with labs to see if PIO needs adjusting + if HCG is doubling
- Sacs & fetal poles to see
- Heart rates, crown-to-rump sizing by gestation
- Clear the 6 week hurdle (didn't know about that until week 7 & thank God)
- Find an OB
- Hope you find a good OB
- NT scan... where I am now, going on Friday
- Wait for NT scan results, 1-2 weeks
- Wait to get the hell out of the first trimester
- Coast through the second & third trimester
- Healthy babies!

Now I know I floated through the last 2 bullets; still studying up on gestational diabetes & preeclampsia & other terrific milestones to clear. Just move from worry about becoming pregnant to worry about the pregnancy... girl, just wait til the babies come! I am a bit anxious about Friday's scan, though, but I'm visualizing it going well, just having faith in that. Praying daily (& through every moment of anxiety) & trusting God has kept me truly sane & just a bit happy.

I'll be released from my RE after the scan! I have been so blessed to work with this office & these people, have been a bit spoiled with the close monitoring & weekly ultrasounds. My first appointment with my new OB is next Tuesday. Hope she's good. Was looking for OBs out of a certain Chicago practice & I found her online. Of her specialties she has experience with twin gestation & advanced maternal age... that's me!

Got my sense of taste back! I'm only dealing with gross aftertastes but popping an Altoid has worked wonders. I've been eating more & drinking milk, not to mention that I've gone through 2 cartons of Oreo ice cream in 2 days. Aside from that I'm only craving fruits & healthier fare, still can't stand the sight of nuts & sweets like cake or candy. Been sneezing a lot more, heartburn comes and goes. Still keeping up my nightly ritual of PIO shots.

I'm off work for a bit & have the nerve to want to catch up on sleep. I had a list of all these things I'd like to accomplish, but my body's telling me to rest. I just watched the movie 'Margaret' yesterday with Anna Paquin -- she can act her Kiwi *ss off! I'd be surprised if she isn't nominated for an Oscar.

Gonna walk my beasts around the block & then watch 'Fast Five' for the third time -- fantastic chase scenes + seeing The Rock's thick-sweaty-pretty-smiling-sexy *ss will make for a nice triple encore.

I've been experiencing hot flashes off & on for the better part of an hour! This isn't the first time; I dismissed the other times because of how hot it's been. I feel the heat & sweat for a few minutes, then it passes. Went online & read that it may be due to hormone fluctuations. Interesting!

(I'm praying for you, MN.)


  1. 11 weeks - wow, Gigi, your pregnancy seems to be flying by (well, to an outsider!).

    So happy its all going well, and you are keeping the faith. I am sure the NT scan will be fine and its great you found an OB you like -- het qualifications seem perfect.

    I love your list -- so true! Enjoy your time off.

    1. thank you! it's nice to just slow down & chill out

  2. It is amazing how much more we have to deal with by doing this scientifically. And you're right, when you stop worrying about one thing the next worry finds its way in.

    Oh, The Rock, so sexy.

    1. (just saw FF & his sexiness for the fourth time too!)

  3. yay! hope your NT scan goes well. Although remember that first trimester genetic screening can be a little complicated with twins.