Thursday, August 18, 2011


I have had a dull headache now for the past 3 days that I believe is a side effect of these injections. All I want to do is sleep to escape the throbbing because pills aren't helping & I don't want to take too many. And if I sleep I may forget to do the injection, which surprisingly I almost have at least 3 times. You would think that since this is what I need to do to get pregnant it'd be foremost on my mind.

I will say that I have become quite the pro with these injections. The only mistake I made was when I removed the Q-cap I was supposed to put on the smaller 27G needle to then do the injection. Instead I put back on the original (long) syringe needle that was, like 5 inches long. When I did the injection the needle almost came through on the other side of my skin. Not pretty...

Signing off, computer light's making my head hurt worse. Good times!

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