Sunday, August 14, 2011

So Many Vials...

Per doctor instructions now that I'm off BCP I had to wait for AF to arrive before I could start the Bravelle and Menopur injections, and she came first thing this morning.  Thank God because I'm ready to get this started!

I had my injectibles set up from the night before so I'd be ready to go. I reviewed the injection guide over and over but still had it on hand in case I needed to refer to it. I also saw videos on Youtube to help me visualize all the mixing and switching of syringe needles. So many thank you's to those women for so sharing so openly. I was prescribed 225 units (3 vials) of Bravelle and 75 units (1 vial) of Menopur. So I had to make certain I had the proper vials on hand including the sodium chloride (water), even got a little OCD by reading/re-reading/re-re-reading vial labels before I got the show on the road.

Wiped the top of the vials with alcohol, withdrew 1 mL of water, got vials and injected/withdrew the solution, screwed off the Q-Cap and put on a 27G needle, cleaned skin with alcohol, put in needle at a 90 degree angle, injected, held for 5 seconds, withdrew needle, discarded needle -- piece of cake!

This whole process took much longer than the wretched Lupron injections, about 10 minutes, but I think I'll get the hang of it quickly. And the solution did burn a little under the skin. I have to do this morning and night, and I have a follow-up ultrasound later this week to see how I'm doing on this dosage. Then the Ganirelix!

Ooh I'm praying these injections are successful, that (Lupron hiccup aside) there are healthy, quality eggs to retrieve. God willing: IVF, next stop!

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