Thursday, June 14, 2012


Two sacs!  Two sacs were seen today on my ultrasound!  Only one was seen on the first ultrasound this week but given that it was still early there was a possibility that another may appear, & I'm so (cautiously) happy about that. In my heart I hoped that I'd have twins! (I'm also about 5 weeks along.)

Beta #3 was a nice 6,112 & I go back on Monday for another ultrasound & blood draw. My RE says she'd like me to come in twice a week until the twelfth week when (God willing) I'm released to an OB. I'm also doing acupuncture twice a week for the same timeframe. The regularity of those visits will adjust the further I'm along.

Aside from fatigue & a bout of killer gas two days ago I feel mostly the same. My apetite's shifted a bit, though. I don't really have a desire to eat until nighttime. It's not like I'm turned off by anything, I'm just not very hungry in the morning to the afternoon.

Psychologically, I still think I'm in a bit of shock. I don't think everything's fully dawned on me so I'm not feeling too panicked between visits. But now that I know there are two in me my prayer is that they both grow & develop normally, that they both stick around for each other!

I do have to learn to be happy about the possibilities of this pregnancy, to not allow fear to cloud my joy. I should be able to enjoy every minute of this good news. It's still so early yet so my prayer is that as time & their development progress, I'll be able to be comfortable with all these wonderful changes. Trusting God with all of this!

But enough about me! I'm praying for MN who had her FET yesterday! Ooh, I'm praying for a 2WW that just flies by that also results in a happy lil BFP :-)


  1. Thanks for the prayers! Right now I am calm, but over the next 11 days, I might get a bit flakey. Congrats on the twins. :-)

  2. OMG, congratulations!! You know on my last commnt when I said your beta looks great - I almost mentioned "do you think it may be twins"...and now you confirmed it. 742 for a first beta was a huge giveaway :-)

  3. This is great news. I think you should do your best to not worry. Easier said than done, but please try to enjoy every minute.