Monday, June 25, 2012

A Promotion

Went back to the RE today & saw another lovely ultrasound! Today they measured 7 weeks; I asked, did they have a growth spurt between last Thursday's ultrasound & today's?, she said she got a much better view today so she had a much better vantage from which to measure. She's pretty on target because based on my egg retrieval/fertilization it'd be exactly 7 weeks tomorrow.  Heartbeats measured at 127 each, too.  Now I only have to go to the RE weekly instead of twice a week. I look so forward to the ultrasounds but am thankful for the progress that this promotion has led to. Just keep thanking God.

Acupuncture today... she wanted to do moxa on my back to help with my overwhelming fatigue (hit me like a hammer in early afternoon) but I had to pass because I need to budget. But I did feel a wee more energetic after just laying there for about 30 minutes. I go back this weekend.

I shouldn't this close to bedtime but I have to take a nap. Eyes closing as I write. Better set my alarm for tonight's PIO shot in the *ss.

But before I say hey to the sandman I must congratulate MN on her BFP today!!!! God is good, such wonderful news :-)


  1. Thank you! I can hardly believe it right now. Get plenty of rest- you're building two humans in there. :-)

  2. Great to hear that all is going perfectly. Get some rest now :-)

  3. thanks so much, you guys!! they're working so hard, i'm very grateful :-)