Wednesday, May 23, 2012


3 embies!  I was so happy to get the call this morning that of the 4 eggs, 3 of them fertilized.   Embryo transfer will be Friday morning.  God bless that fourth little egg.  And, always, thank you, God!  I'm going for pre-transfer acupuncture tomorrow, which I certainly need.

Now that it's one day past retrieval my whole abdomen is bloated & gassy. And the gassiness is still from the anesthesia.  The area's still tender but I'm much better than yesterday.  I also walk a bit gingerly because with every step there's just a bit of discomfort.  Here's hoping that some of the bloat & minor pain will subside tomorrow.

Today is day 2 of PIO injections + along with take the Levaquin (antibiotic) & Presnidone (corticosteroid).  Presidone's for one more day (twice a day pill for 3 days) & Levaquin will have to be taken through a bit of next week.

For the PIO shot a friend told me to ice the site before injecting & then heat the area afterwards.  But I'm not having a problem getting the needle in & all I notice is a bruised area from yesterday's shot.  I've read where women have been slightly traumatized by the PIO shots but for me I'm good.  I'd shoot myself up with PIO every day for 9 months vs. taking even one Endometrin insert for just one day.  I say 'ugh' every time I think about the grossness.  Seems that my whole behind will be bruised up from these injections but I'm not complaining.  This whole process can have no concern with vanity!

Best of luck & many blessings to everyone going through any part of this baby-making process.  Praying for you for Friday, Evelyn!