Saturday, May 19, 2012

Damn Internet

I had an awesome acupuncture appointment coupled with a massage today.  Asked whether the massage was safe while I'm stimming even though I see a fertility acupuncturist & they also specialize in fertility massages.  Just trying to be on the safe side.  Totally fine, & it was totally great.  Day got busy & I finally made it home.  Now, I originally thought I'd straighten up a bit & then relax for the night.

Fool I am I got right on the internet & started Googling everything having to do with stimming, egg retrieval, uterine lining.  Seeing the dangers, all that can go wrong.  Great morning of relaxation turned into an evening reading about all the worse case scenarios with IVF!

Immediately after posting this I intend to go back on a Google fast.  Ugh.  Gotta stop searching for 'multiple IVF' and anything related to follicle counts & embryo transfers.  Hope that's easier done than said!

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