Tuesday, May 22, 2012


4 eggs were retrieved today, thank you, God!  Out of 5 follicles, 4 eggs were retrieved & I'll get a (God-willing) good report on fertilization tomorrow.  The egg retrieval process left my ovaries extremely crampy & nauseous from the anesthesia.  My abdominal pain was so intense: the gas from the anesthesia plus a little bit of food given to me by the nurses on top of me moving to get dressed left me puking.  And I immediately felt better!  Those nurses were so nice; I have to get them a thank you card. The pain subsided just a bit after my barf & eight hours later I feel much more like my old self.

Now I start Prednisone, a corticosteroid that suppresses the system's immune system so it won't reject an implanting embryo.  I'm also taking Levaquin, an antibiotic to prevent infection from the egg retrieval process itself.  I'm also to begin Progesterone-in-Oil injections (PIO), 1mL, at night & which I finished shooting up a few minutes ago.  I thought it'd be worse than it was since I have to do it on my own but it went just fine.  Huge 22 gauge needle & I could barely get it through.  That was the same needle size for the HCG, just a little tougher this time around.

My Google fast didn't hold out before the retrieval but I've had no desire to get online & search about success rates, embryo transfer success rates for 3- vs. 5-day transfers... I have no desire to stress myself out tonight or worry needlessly. All I can choose to do is be cool & trust in Him.

I'm happy for my 4 little eggs.  That's one more than the last cycle & for my age with my FSH/AMH scenario & I'm so so grateful for even that many. Speaking it to the universe: My embryos will be implanted on Friday.  In my prayers tonight I'm thanking God for hope, for everything including my RE & will continue to leave it in His hands.


  1. Four is good. I'm possibly having a transfer on Friday as well. And the PIO shots weren't as bad as expected for me either.

  2. Good about the PIO for you, glad it's not just me! And not possibly, but you WILL have a transfer on Friday. I wish you all the best & will be sending positive vibes your way :-)