Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm All In

Thank goodness I got the call that my embies are still growing so tomorrow's confirmed for transfer! The call came late in the day & I was worried that something was wrong.  I go tomorrow morning & the whole procedure (includes registration, labs & 20 minutes of just sitting there past transfer) should take a little over an hour.  I'm going to be home & off my feet for the next three days per the doctor's orders so I'm glad for the long holiday weekend.

I know different REs have their theory regarding staying off your feet after transfer or to carry on as usual. I don't mind staying home & it'll help with my peace of mind. I'm also still a bit bloated so it'll be nice to relax a bit. I was prescribed a Valium to take when I come home that might help with some of the anxiety of the day! Thank you, doctor, for your progressive transfer protocol!

Went for pre-transfer acupuncture this afternoon. I'm all in, doing it up!

Just took the last of the Prednisone & will take a Levaquin in about an hour.  Also just gave myself another PIO shot, flawless execution -- hardly any blood, needle sank in easily! Slowly pressing on the plunger has helped, no need to rush with oil. I went a little more in the hip (still in the upper outer quadrant) than in my butt since it's harder to find a muscle under all this bootyliciousness.  Even still I'm going to have my doctor take a Sharpie & draw on my behind the exact square footage area where the shot should be given.

Lastly, I feel so much more like my old self now that I'm no longer on these injections (excluding PIO) or Estrace!  I noticed it the most when I awoke this morning.  I don't feel like I'm in a funk anymore, I feel lighter & more me. The weight gain is also more noticeable now that I'm sober from these shots but my cravings have subsided as early as yesterday.

I don't think I'll get online tomorrow either.  Don't want to ruin the effects of the Valium by having a marathon Google-search session about Day X-past transfer... getting it all out of my system tonight :-)

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