Friday, May 18, 2012

Tuesday, Go Day

Tuesday's been set as the day for the retrieval!  I continue with the injections & inject the HCG on Sunday night, which is my last injection.  I then return for labs on Monday.

I'm actually afraid to be hopeful but feel much more comfortable with what to expect since this is IVF #2.  It helps that my RE & her team are reassuring + the fact I was able to drop down on doses makes me feel that my body's cooperating much better (vs. that lupron reaction I had the last time & the whole plan being thrown out of wack).

It's like with every lab there's always a chance that the news isn't going to be great.  I have  a history of fibroids, multiple myomectomies, high FSH, and low AMH so I've had my share of gynecological tribulations.  But when I get a call that my blood work is actually normal, or if I'm told that my lining is better than average (thanks, Viagra!), I'm like... ok, this is new, this is good.  My mood is still very cautious & I almost talk myself out of getting really happy.  Who knows what tomorrow may bring but for right now I have to thank God that I'm on the right side of things.  And maybe I can allow myself to be a teeny little bit happy.

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