Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Ganirelix, Old Friend

Tonight I introduced Ganirelix, which I had used in my previous IVF. Except unlike last time this nurse instructed me to do the injections within 24 hours or less of the previous injection.  That the Ganirelix only stays in the system for 24 hours & it's like a gate that starts to swing shut.  It's important to keep that gate wide open, thus Ganirelix must be taken within 24 hours or less of the prior dose.  WHY DIDN'T MY PREVIOUS RE TELL ME THIS?  I will never understand why every doctor can't give the same information to all patients.  All the resources & emotional investment that we put into IVF/IUI/ICI & you would think that there would be a level of consistency & information that can yield the best outcomes. Ugh!

Done with the vent, moving on, getting back on the sunny side of the street... Ganirelix's needle is rather broad but I finally got it in.

My dosages were also decreased on Monday after labs: Follistim down to 300 IU in the a.m., Menopur down to 75 IU in the p.m.  Along with the addition of Ganirelix I'm still continuing with the Viagra.

I love my RE.  Her spirit is that she's rooting for you & will use whatever resources she has to help achieve & keep a pregnancy.  Total opposite from the RE from last fall but you live & learn.  God bless her.

Everything's progressing, I go back to the doctor tomorrow.  I'm just feeling especially tired today so I'm once again making it an early night.

Big, warm hug goes to sister SMC'er Candlelight & Pacifiers... it's always darkest before the dawn :-)


  1. thanks for the hug! I felt it!

  2. After two IVFs (heading into the third) and plenty of other fertility experiences, I've been thinking about writing a book called "Everything Your Doctor Should Have Told You About IVF." The range of side effects of every drug, the science on pineapple cores, exactly which exercises are fine and why, and which aren't fine and why not, etc. I want one definitive resource people can use, and if I can't find one I'll have to create it!

  3. I think that's an excellent idea, it's just a trip that this kind of info isn't shared as consistently & it'd sell like hotcakes... best of luck & let me know when the manuscript's ready!