Monday, May 7, 2012


I'm finally off Estrace & I feel so much more like myself.  That damn Estrace kept me in a month-long funk, I had the blues every single day.  Being on birth control pills vs. Estrace, though, is far better given my age.  From what my RE explained BCPs can be harsher on the system & may not do ovaries service.  Estrace is more appropriate but I'm still cloudy as to why.  Emotionally, Estrace put me through it!  BCPs just got me fat even though I have put on weight being on Estrace.  I'm also unmotivated to work out because I don't want to lose weight while I'm stimming.  I'm also off taking the progesterone pill so no more fear of allergic reaction.
But I finally got my period & start injections this week.  The nurse said it was going to be heavy given the effects of the Estrace for as long as I did.   I'm also increasing my protein intake per her advice but am struggling with cutting back on sugar.  Feel like I'm rambling!  Nice rainy night, perfect for bedtime.

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